For Employers

Immediately build trust with candidates in the hiring process, simplify background checks and accelerate hiring


Establish trust before the first interview

Cut costs on lengthy background checks and streamline the HR process by building trust with pre-verified candidates. Aversafe’s auditable Trust Score system lets you review the source of the attestations behind an applicant’s claims so you can fully establish the authenticity their credentials.

Accelerate Hiring with ATS Plug-ins

Receive Aversafe trusted data directly into your ATS to help you prioritize trusted candidates and accelerate the hiring process. Aversafe provides an audit trail for every credential claim along with a simple Trust Score that will help you immediately determine an applicant’s trustworthiness.

Receive Immediate Verified Updates on Employees

Improve employee lifecycle management with immediate updates on any changes to employees’ professional certifications and personal information.

Streamline Background Checks on Former Employees

Inbound phone and email queries for ex-employees keep HR departments distracted by time consuming and unproductive tasks. Aversafe’s digital verifications only need to be issued once, dramatically reducing the time and effort involved in providing information to inbound background checks.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know the information provided through Aversafe is real?

Individual Aversafe users make credential claims that are attested to by trusted parties like certificate issues, third party agencies and previous employers or colleagues. These attestations are recorded on the blockchain where any Aversafe user, including employers, can verify their authenticity. Aversafe generates a Trust Score for each user depending on both the number and source of the attestations behind their claims, so employers can easily determine if an applicant’s claims are trustworthy or not.

What happens if an applicant or employee’s personal information changes?

When a user makes changes to their credential claims or personal data they’re required to have their new information fully re-verified. Either the individual can trigger this, or you can request the individual to trigger this and pay on their behalf.

Can I use this with my pre-existing ATS?

Aversafe is currently building a Partner Developers Program for various ATS integrations. To find out if Aversafe is compatible with your company’s current HR software system contact the Aversafe team at

How does Aversafe reduce inbound requests for information on past employees?

Aversafe lets you offload requests for former employee data by verifying former employee work histories just once. Once you’ve submitted the required information you can let Aversafe provide the relevant data to all inbound requests, freeing up your HR department for more productive tasks.

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