For Educational Institutions

Simplify and accelerate certificate issuance and verification while easing cross-border verification for graduates


Empower graduates with digital credentials

Empower program graduates, safeguard your institutional reputation and cut costs with verifiable digital credentials. Aversafe’s secure issuer portal dramatically reduces the time and effort involved in re-verifying historic degrees while streamlining international issuance and verification.

Improve Graduate Mobility with Digital Certificates

Internationally verifiable digital certificates improve graduates’ educational and career prospects while easing cross-border issuance and verification.

Cut Costs with Permanent & Rapid Certificate Issuance

Aversafe lets you design, sign, issue, verify or even revoke your digital certificates in an instant. Aversafe’s digital verifications only need to be issued once, dramatically reducing the time and effort involved in re-verifying historic claims while empowering graduates and combating credential fraud.

Protect Your Institutional Reputation

Digital certificates issued with Aversafe are backed by the blockchain, rendering them fully auditable, immutable and trusted. Blockchain backed verifications preserve the value of your issued certificates while safeguarding your institutional reputation from imposters.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can we issue certificates at scale?

Aversafe provides an issuer portal as well as a secure upload tool which provides certificate matching services to individuals and certificate issuers. This allows issuers to provide certificates to all program graduates even if they’re not current Aversafe users. Graduates only need to establish their identity by providing select pre-arranged details to receive their certificate.

Can Aversafe be integrated into our existing software?

Please reach out to our team at and we would be happy to explore options for integrations within your environment.

How do we handle older certificates?

For certificates prior to your adoption of Aversafe, you can allow individuals to make manual claims and verify these individually at a cost, or you can supply historic certificates into the issuer portal in the same way you upload new graduate information.

What data is available on graduates using this platform?

We currently don't share any data, however, we are in discussions with issuers on how we could better serve their data requests whilst respecting the privacy of individuals.

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