Streamline applicant review with pre-verified profile data

Work History

Verify employees work history to reduce HR overheads

Employee Updates

Receive automatic updates on changes to employee profiles in real time


Integrate trusted Aversafe information into your existing HR tools

Aversafe provides solutions for every user's trust-related needs.

Aversafe provides individuals, employers and certificate issuers around the world with a first line of defense against credential fraud.

Distributed Ledger Technology

Aversafe’s digital certificates and verified work histories are recorded on the blockchain, a tamperproof distributed ledger, so that anyone can confirm their authenticity and origin. The blockchain allows Aversafe to offer its services with a degree of transparency, security, and global portability unmatched by traditional background check services.

The Aversafe Network

Aversafe provides decentralized credential issuance and verification services to a network of jobseekers, employers and educational institutions. Aversafe eliminates the need for duplicative background checks while incentivizing users to verify their credentials, leading to improved trust, lower costs, faster hiring and more efficient capital use for everyone on the network.