Decentralized Credential Verification for the World

Aversafe connects jobseekers, employers and educational institutions on a single blockchain backed network, generating value while providing a first line of defense against credential fraud.


There are over 3,000 diploma mills worldwide flooding the international job market with fraudulent credentials. As a result, employers spend exorbitant sums avoiding bad hires, jobseekers are exposed to unfair competition, and educational institutions grapple with damaged reputations and jeopardized alumni endowment.

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    Lost Opportunities

    Honest job applicants are exposed to unfair competition against candidates with exaggerated resumes and forged credentials.

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    Bad Hires

    Replacing a single bad hire can cost a business as much as $40,000; meanwhile, 85% of employers report finding false claims on job applications.

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    Damaged Reputations

    Fake degrees can tarnish an educational institution’s reputation beyond repair, hindering graduate mobility and jeopardizing alumni endowment.

Diploma mills are a global problem, and they require a global solution. That’s where Aversafe comes in. Aversafe offers decentralized credential verification services for jobseekers, employers and educational institutions around the world.

The Aversafe Solution

The Aversafe network provides uniquely tailored solutions for every user’s specific trust-related needs.

For individuals

Claim your verified digital credentials, secure your sensitive personal data and gain a leg up in the competitive international job market.

  • Establish Verified Digital Credentials

    Protect yourself against unfair competition from exaggerated resumes and forged credentials.

  • Improve Your Odds in the Hiring Process

    Pre-verified information dramatically reduces your time to hire while building trust with future employers.

  • Reclaim your Digital Identity

    Securely store and manage your personal information, work history, and professional certificates from your own handheld device.

  • Self-sovereign Identity

    Decide for yourself when and where you want to share your valuable personal information while safeguarding your sensitive data from breaches and abuse.

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For employers

Cut costs on lengthy background checks and streamline the HR process by building trust with pre-verified candidates.

  • Accelerate Hiring with ATS Plug-ins

    Receive Aversafe trusted data directly into your ATS to build immediate trust with candidates and accelerate the hiring process.

  • Receive Immediate Verified Updates on Employees

    Improve employee lifecycle management with immediate updates on any changes to employees’ professional certifications or personal information.

  • Streamline Background Checks on Former Employees

    Digital verifications dramatically reduce the time and effort involved in providing information to inbound background checks on past employees.

  • Trust Score

    With Aversafe's Trust Score you can immediately establish the trustworthiness of any applicant’s credential claims, saving you time and money in the hiring process.

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For Educational Institutions

Empower program graduates, safeguard your institutional reputation and cut costs with verifiable digital credentials.

  • Improve Graduate Mobility with Digital Certificates

    Internationally verifiable digital certificates improve graduates’ educational and career prospects.

  • Cut Costs with Permanent & Rapid Certificate Issuance

    Issue digital certificates just once, reducing the cost, time and manual effort involved in re-verifying historic claims.

  • Protect Your Institutional Reputation

    Blockchain backed verifications preserve the value of your issued certificates while safeguarding your institutional reputation from imposters.

  • Digital Certificates Made Easy

    With Aversafe you can design, sign, issue, verify or even revoke your digital certificates in an instant. Digital certificates help you cut costs and empower your program graduates while combatting credential fraud.

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