Product Overview

Aversafe protects individuals, employers and certificate issuers from credential fraud.


Aversafe is a blockchain-backed credential issuance and verification network.

Aversafe provides a platform for educational institutions and other certificate issuers to design, upload, issue, verify and, if necessary, even revoke their own digital certificates. These digital certificates are recorded on the blockchain, a tamperproof distributed ledger, so that anyone can confirm their authenticity and origin.

To receive their certificates, program graduates simply setup a secure profile with the Aversafe app and claim their academic or professional credentials. Instead of swapping likes or shares users can exchange and verify one another’s information. These verifications are also recorded on the blockchain, allowing anyone on the network to verify any other user’s claims while still preserving the security of each user’s sensitive personal information.

Meanwhile, employers can leverage Aversafe’s trusted data to source pre-verified talent, building trust with job applicants long before the first interview. By eliminating the need for time consuming and costly background checks, Aversafe streamlines the entire hiring process.

Aversafe’s network-based approach to credential verification improves graduate mobility, eliminates the need for duplicative background checks and incentivizes users to pre-certify their credentials, leading to improved trust, lower costs, faster hiring and more efficient capital use for everyone on the network.

Frequently Asked

Yes, your data is encrypted and stored locally on your own secure device. It can only be accessed with biometric authentication like your fingerprint or FaceID, so you don’t need to worry about data breaches or abuse.

Yes! All data exchanged on the Aversafe Network is stored and held on users’ own personal devices and can be shared only with their express consent. Aversafe’s decentralized data storage model removes the threat of breaches or abuse and was designed from the ground up with GDPR and Privacy Shield compliance in mind.

All data uploaded by certificate issuers to allow for automatic matching is encrypted with a unique private key that ensures that no one, including Aversafe, has access to your students’ data besides you and your students. Additionally, all data exchanged on the Aversafe Network is stored and held on users’ own personal devices and can be shared only with their express consent.

Yes! Aversafe’s verified information can be integrated into a broad range of industries. Developers in banking, insurance, real estate, or any other industry requiring the verification of licenses, credentials or personal information stands to benefit from Aversafe’s APIs and plug-ins.