In 2017 there were more than 3.4 billion people employed around the world. With more than 77% of organizations planning to expand their workforce in 2018, that number is sure to remain on a steady rise. As the global workforce continues to grow, business leaders are struggling to find qualified talent. A full 62% of employers listed finding qualified hires as the single greatest business challenge of 2017. At the heart of this lingering HR challenge is a single global issue—credential fraud.

There are now over 3,000 unaccredited universities worldwide now issuing more than 50,000 fraudulent Ph.D.s each year—that’s more Ph.D.s than are legitimately earned in the same period. The number fake degrees floating around the international job market now poses serious risks for jobseekers, employers and educational institutions around the world. Aversafe is working to change that.

We’re combatting diploma mills with the first ever blockchain backed credential issuance and verification network. We envision a world where job seeking graduates no longer face unfair competition from forged degrees, where employers no longer have to waste time and money on inefficient background checks, and where educational institutions no longer have to worry about tarnished reputations and impaired graduate mobility.


Aversafe is committed to combatting credential fraud by providing decentralized credential issuance and verification services to jobseekers, employers and educational institutions around the world. Our mission is to improve trust, lower costs, speed up hiring and enable more efficient capital use for everyone on our network.