Cut costs and accelerate the hiring process with pre-verified candidates.


Establish trust before the first interview

Cut costs on lengthy background checks and streamline the hiring process with pre-verified candidates. With Aversafe’s auditable Trust Score system you can fully verify the authenticity of applicants’ credentials.

Accelerate Hiring with ATS Plug-ins

Aversafe plug-ins let you receive pre-verified data directly into your existing ATS, helping you prioritize trusted candidates and accelerate hiring.

Receive Immediate Verified Updates on Employees

Improve employee lifecycle management with immediate verified updates on any changes to employees’ professional or personal information.

Streamline Background Checks on Former Employees

Aversafe’s digital verifications only need to be issued once, dramatically reducing the time and effort involved in providing information on former employees to inbound background checks.

Trust Score

Aversafe’s Trust Score system lets you immediately establish the trustworthiness of any applicant’s credential claims, helping you prioritize reliable candidates and saving you time and money in the hiring process.

Network Analytics

Advanced network analytics provide valuable industry insights while helping you make smarter, data-driven hiring decisions. Aversafe’s international network will help you expand your professional connections and source top-quality talent from around the globe.

Frequently Asked

Individuals' credential claims are verified by trusted certificate issues, third party agencies and previous employers or colleagues. These verifications are recorded on the blockchain, so anyone can verify their authenticity and origin. Aversafe also generates a Trust Score for each user based on the sources and number of verifications behind their claims, so you can determine if an applicant is trustworthy at a glance.

Vouching for your current or past employees will dramatically reduce the time and effort you’ll have to spend providing information to inbound background checks. Once you’ve verified an employee’s work history claims you can let Aversafe provide the relevant data to all inbound requests, freeing up your HR department for more productive tasks. Verifying your employees can also increase your company or brand’s exposure across the Aversafe Network.

Aversafe is building a partner developers program for various ATS and HR software integrations. To find out if Aversafe plug-ins are already compatible with your company’s ATS or HR software systems contact the Aversafe team here.

Yes! All data exchanged on the Aversafe Network is stored and held on users’ own personal devices and can be shared only with their express consent. Aversafe’s decentralized data storage model removes the threat of breaches or abuse and was designed from the ground up with GDPR and Privacy Shield compliance in mind.