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Employers can always verify or revoke work history claims for current or former employees for FREE.

FREE for Certificate Issuers

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Empower program graduates, safeguard your institutional reputation and cut costs with verifiable digital certificates.

Improve Graduate Mobility with Digital Certificates
Cut Costs with Permanent & Rapid Certificate Issuance
Protect Your Institutional Reputation

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FREE for Individuals

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Set up your secure profile, claim your digital certificates, and rise to the top of the candidate list with verified credentials.

Establish Verified Digital Credentials
Improve Your Odds in the Hiring Process
Reclaim your Digital Identity

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Build secure and trusted applications with Aversafe plug-ins. Leverage Aversafe’s auto-updating databases, auditable trust scores and streamlined certificate matching to fraud-proof your services.

Upgrade to Auto-Updating Verified Databases
Build Trust with Auditable Trust Score Integrations
Streamline Digital Certificate Issuance with Automatic Matching

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Frequently Asked

Employers looking only to verify and revoke work history claims can sign up without selecting a subscription plan by simply filling out the contact form here.

We accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express for month to month payments. We also accept bank transfers with purchase orders for contract terms of 12 months and above.

Employer clients on Small Business Plans and above may purchase access to individual add-ons at an additional monthly fee. Certificate Issuing clients and partners can also purchase advanced add-on features by contacting their designated account representative.

Aversafe provides its credential issuance and verification services globally. However, our certificate issuing partners vary from country to country such that the network may prove more robust in certain regions. Should you wish to see Aversafe adopted more quickly in your country please reach out to our team here.