for Developers

Integrate trust into your applications to generate value and improve KYC.


ATS Plug-Ins

Even the most cutting-edge applicant tracking systems can be manipulated by inaccurate information. Incorporate Aversafe’s pre-verified candidate data into your product to fraud-proof your services and generate value for your customers.

Immediate Verified Updates

Aversafe's immediate verified updates are ideal for job board integrations. Ensure that your candidate database is verified, and that users’ personal and professional information is always fully up to date. Aversafe’s auto-update feature will tip off your client employers to great hiring opportunities in real time.

Trust Score Integrations

Developer partners can leverage Aversafe’s auditable Trust Score system to bring an added degree of security and trust to their existing services and products. Aversafe’s Trust Score feature provides a full account when, where and by whom any data-point or claim has been verified, while still preserving individual user privacy. Backed by the blockchain, Trust Scores are 100% tamper-proof.

Certificate Issuance Integrations

Aversafe integrations allow online certificate issuers to provide their program graduates with verifiable digital certificates. Certificate issuing partners can also make use of Aversafe’s certificate matching function, which enables bulk certificate issuance requiring virtually zero-touch at the administrative level.

Network Analytics

Advanced network analytics and reporting features reveal what program graduates are getting up to with their digital certificates. See where certificate holders are being employed and if they’re using Aversafe to represent your brand on job boards and partner websites. Network Analytics can also help you determine which third parties have been redirected to your webpages through Aversafe API plug-ins.

Frequently Asked

Aversafe provides a trusted network of claims and credentials incorporating both career and personal information that can be used by our API partners to enhance their own KYC processes and procedures.

Yes! Aversafe’s verified information can be integrated into a broad range of industries. Developers in banking, insurance, real estate, or any other industry requiring the verification of licenses, credentials or personal information stands to benefit from Aversafe’s APIs and plug-ins.

Aversafe runs a permissioned blockchain network hosted by a consortium of trusted institutional partners. Typically, nodes are hosted by existing Aversafe users such as accredited certificate issuers and large global employers. However, developers can participate in hosting the network subject to Aversafe’s approval and review. Contact the team for further information.

Access to basic Aversafe features, such as determining if a profile exists or gaining access to an associated trust score, are available for public consumption. However, access to detailed profile information or other data shared across the network typically requires an Aversafe account or subscription.