Frequently Asked Questions

For Employers

How can I trust the applicant data provided through Aversafe?

Individuals' credential claims are verified by trusted certificate issues, third party agencies and previous employers or colleagues. These verifications are recorded on the blockchain, so anyone can verify their authenticity and origin. Aversafe also generates a Trust Score for each user based on the sources and number of verifications behind their claims, so you can determine if an applicant is trustworthy at a glance.

Why should I verify my own employees’ work histories?

Vouching for your current or past employees will dramatically reduce the time and effort you’ll have to spend providing information to inbound background checks. Once you’ve verified an employee’s work history claims you can let Aversafe provide the relevant data to all inbound requests, freeing up your HR department for more productive tasks. Verifying your employees can also increase your company or brand’s exposure across the Aversafe Network.

Can I use Aversafe with my pre-existing ATS and HR software?

Aversafe is building a partner developers program for various ATS and HR software integrations. To find out if Aversafe plug-ins are already compatible with your company’s ATS or HR software systems contact the Aversafe team here.

Are you GDPR compliant?

Yes! All data exchanged on the Aversafe Network is stored and held on users’ own personal devices and can be shared only with their express consent. Aversafe’s decentralized data storage model removes the threat of breaches or abuse and was designed from the ground up with GDPR and Privacy Shield compliance in mind.

For Certificate Issuers

How can we address historic claims and certificates?

Aversafe allows you to upload alumni information and historic certificates through the issuer’s portal. This allows you to reissue, verify or revoke historic documents in precisely the same way you would handle current certificates. You can also allow alumni to supply Aversafe with designated personal information, such as a date of birth or SSN, to be automatically matched with their reissued digital certificates.

How can we integrate Aversafe into our existing Registrar processes?

Aversafe makes onboarding as simple as possible. It takes only minutes to prepare and upload all of the data required to issue certificates to any number of program graduates. We also provide on-site training and installation options to help integrate Aversafe into your existing software suite while adapting our services to your unique institutional needs.

How does Aversafe protect uploaded student data from breaches or abuse?

All data uploaded by certificate issuers to allow for automatic matching is encrypted with a unique private key that ensures that no one, including Aversafe, has access to your students’ data besides you and your students. Additionally, all data exchanged on the Aversafe Network is stored and held on users’ own personal devices and can be shared only with their express consent.

How can we issue certificates at scale?

Aversafe provides certificate matching services that require zero-touch at the administrative level. This allows issuers to provide certificates to all program graduates even if they’re not current Aversafe users. Graduates only need to establish their identity by providing select pre-arranged details to be matched with and receive their certificates.

For Individuals

Is my data safe?

Yes, your data is encrypted and stored locally on your own secure device. It can only be accessed with biometric authentication like your fingerprint or FaceID, so you don’t need to worry about data breaches or abuse.

Can I revoke access to my data?

Yes, you can revoke access to any of your shared data at any time. Employers and third parties with their own local data storage may still have some record of your information, but they’ll lose access to all your updated and verified data provided through Aversafe.

What happens if my data changes?

You can edit and update your personal information within the Aversafe app. You’ll have to request verification of any updated information before it will be considered verified. Your old details will not be invalidated or archived until your new details are fully verified.

What if my university or employer doesn’t use Aversafe?

If your educational institution, professional organization or employer isn’t on the Aversafe network you can still have your personal information and certificates verified by peers. However, your trust score won’t be as strong if your credentials aren’t verified by their original issuers. You can also share recommendations and contact details for institutions you’d like to see on the Aversafe network. Our team will work to get them onboard as soon as possible.

For Developers

How can Aversafe help me improve KYC?

Aversafe provides a trusted network of claims and credentials incorporating both career and personal information that can be used by our API partners to enhance their own KYC processes and procedures.

Can Aversafe work for developers outside of the HR or education space?

Yes! Aversafe’s verified information can be integrated into a broad range of industries. Developers in banking, insurance, real estate, or any other industry requiring the verification of licenses, credentials or personal information stands to benefit from Aversafe’s APIs and plug-ins.

As a Developer can I participate in the Aversafe Blockchain Network?

Aversafe runs a permissioned blockchain network hosted by a consortium of trusted institutional partners. Typically, nodes are hosted by existing Aversafe users such as accredited certificate issuers and large global employers. However, developers can participate in hosting the network subject to Aversafe’s approval and review. Contact the team for further information.

Can Aversafe APIs and Plug-ins be used by non Aversafe users?

Access to basic Aversafe features, such as determining if a profile exists or gaining access to an associated trust score, are available for public consumption. However, access to detailed profile information or other data shared across the network typically requires an Aversafe account or subscription.

For Pricing

How do I sign up for Aversafe’s free plan?

Employers looking only to verify and revoke work history claims can sign up without selecting a subscription plan by simply filling out the contact form here.

What payment options are available?

We accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express for month to month payments. We also accept bank transfers with purchase orders for contract terms of 12 months and above.

Can I purchase individual add-on features?

Employer clients on Small Business Plans and above may purchase access to individual add-ons at an additional monthly fee. Certificate Issuing clients and partners can also purchase advanced add-on features by contacting their designated account representative.

Is Aversafe supported in my country?

Aversafe provides its credential issuance and verification services globally. However, our certificate issuing partners vary from country to country such that the network may prove more robust in certain regions. Should you wish to see Aversafe adopted more quickly in your country please reach out to our team here.

For Blockchain

What kind of blockchain are you using?

Aversafe runs a permissioned blockchain hosted by a consortium of trusted institutional partners. Permissioned blockchains avoid many of the common pitfalls associated with their public or permissionless variants. By avoiding the threat of hard forks, 51 percent attacks, and extravagantly long processing periods, Aversafe is able to provide a more commercially viable and consumer friendly platform for its users. Aversafe’s permissioned blockchain can still be audited or reviewed by anyone, though operation of a node is restricted to permissioned partners.

Who will operate the nodes for the Aversafe Blockchain?

Typically, nodes are hosted by existing Aversafe partners such as accredited certificate issuers and large global employers. However, developers can also participate in hosting the network subject to Aversafe’s approval and review. Node operators are only selected with the integrity of the network and best interests of users in mind. Moreover, all of Aversafe’s node-operating partners are subjected to a rigorous screening process. For more information on operating a node for the Aversafe Blockchain, or for inquiries into Aversafe’s node-operating partner screening criteria, contact the team here.

How do you preserve user privacy on the Blockchain?

Only proof of users’ interactions, rather than their specific profile content, is recorded on the public ledger. This way, anyone on the network can determine that a particular claim or data point has been verified without exposing the full content of the claim itself.

Do you have a token/ Will you have an ICO?

Aversafe does not use an internal utility token and will not have an ICO. Our top priority is to maximize the efficacy and value of our services by expanding our network of partner developers, employers and educational institutions—partners who might otherwise be turned off by the volatility, contested legality, and numerous barriers to entry that characterize the current token economy. For more information on how the Aversafe incorporates and manages the maintenance of a blockchain-backed network without a token model, contact the team here.