Customize certificates with intuitive drag and drop controls


Securely upload graduate information for hassle free issuance


Issue digital certificates with the click of a button


Verify the authenticity of historic certificates and claims

Empower program graduates with verifiable digital certificates.

With Aversafe’s secure issuer’s portal you can design, sign, issue, verify or even revoke your digital certificates with the click of a button.

Improve Graduate Mobility

Aversafe’s digital certificates can be verified at a glance by employers around the globe, improving graduates’ educational and career prospects abroad while easing cross-border issuance and verification.

Cut Costs with Rapid Issuance

Aversafe’s digital certificates only need to be issued once, dramatically reducing the time and effort involved in re-verifying historic degrees.

Protect Your Reputation

Aversafe’s blockchain-backed digital certificates are fully auditable, immutable and trusted. Blockchain backed verifications preserve the value of your certificates while safeguarding your institutional reputation from imposters.

Digital Certificates Made Easy

Aversafe lets you design, sign, issue, verify or even revoke your digital certificates with the click of a button. Aversafe’s user-friendly design tool lets you customize your digital certificates while combatting credential fraud, cutting costs, and empowering graduates.

White-labelled Directories

White-labelled Employment and Verification Directories promote your brand while showcasing your graduates’ skills and experience to employers, providing them with an invaluable leg-up in the international job market.

Frequently Asked

Aversafe allows you to upload alumni information and historic certificates through the issuer’s portal. This allows you to reissue, verify or revoke historic documents in precisely the same way you would handle current certificates. You can also allow alumni to supply Aversafe with designated personal information, such as a date of birth or SSN, to be automatically matched with their reissued digital certificates.

Aversafe makes onboarding as simple as possible. It takes only minutes to prepare and upload all of the data required to issue certificates to any number of program graduates. We also provide on-site training and installation options to help integrate Aversafe into your existing software suite while adapting our services to your unique institutional needs.

All data uploaded by certificate issuers to allow for automatic matching is encrypted with a unique private key that ensures that no one, including Aversafe, has access to your students’ data besides you and your students. Additionally, all data exchanged on the Aversafe Network is stored and held on users’ own personal devices and can be shared only with their express consent.

Aversafe provides certificate matching services that require zero-touch at the administrative level. This allows issuers to provide certificates to all program graduates even if they’re not current Aversafe users. Graduates only need to establish their identity by providing select pre-arranged details to be matched with and receive their certificates.